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Multited Gifts is the brainchild of a young woman who loves the spirit of Christmas, our CEO & Founder Shir Lachmish. Shir believes that when you buy a gift It's important that the gift will give you the very best feeling inside, it will have all the little things you desire and above all will make you or your family feel loved... did we mentioned she's AWESOME??

Our passion in life is the love we have for it; people's joy & happiness is our calling.Each member of our team is hand-picked professional, has vast experience in lifestyle & design with a charming personality and a big smile on his face. 

Many times its hard for us to choose a place to buy the product we want. We worry about its quality, its prices or whether we need it at all. We worry about who are we buying from, will it have the service I require? will I have anyone I can turn to if I have any problems?

This is why we created Multited Gifts, making sure we provide the best gifts with the best service and the best prices. With Multited’s Gifts, you and your family can enjoy our high-quality products that give the ultimate Christmas joy! Yes! Christmas is our inspiration throughout the year. That inside-joy and happy feeling you get when you see the gift you truly desired... 

With Multited Gifts, you can relax and be sure that your family Christmas experience will be perfect & satisfying much after January 1st…