Yes, Clubhouse.

I joined in only a few days ago, but I'm blown away!

So Far, So Good.

If you haven't heard about Clubhouse yet, it's an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app launched in 2020 and now valued at $1B.W


How is it relevant to me, and why am I so excited?


That's because my all brand represents ' The Impact Of Sound ' and how through sound we can gain a better perspective for ourselves, a perspective that would push us forward and inspire us to become more of who we are.

At Clubhouse, the only focus is on Audio communication, it diverse and unites us. You can listen to an ongoing conversation with great inspiring people, become a part of it, or even create your own.




Back in 2018 I flew to LA and tried to raise funds to Multited. I introduced the headphones with an app, and one of the app features was an open-line - what Clubhouse just did but mostly for personal growth and entrepreneurship.

I represented it differently, like a map, and honestly, I didn't focus on it much cause, as a 22 years old woman, I felt it's already hard for the investors to join in. So I tried being more practical and focused on what they will gain from it.


Short story long, I failed, so it didn't work out. Lol. 


But now, I'm so excited to see that this idea came to life. 

I highly encourage you to check it out. You should get an invite in order to sign in, so try to ask your family, friends, and peers if they have one for you. 

Each member can invite up to two people.