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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Shir Lachmish on

Hello there!

I gathered 12 common questions that are frequently asked regarding our wireless earbuds.

To some of them, my team and I answered directly, and some were answered by our amazing customers!


1. Question:
Do these earbuds work with IOS and Android phones?
Yes! The Earbuds work with IOS and Android Devices. They all have Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect to any Bluetooth supported device.
2. Question:
Can these earbuds be used separately? For calls and/or music
Yes, the Earbuds have the option to make/accept calls and listen to music.
3. Question:
Are these comfortable?
VERY, I use the memory foam buds for comfort and a secure fit with AMAZING sound
4. Question:
Do they stay in while jogging?
Yes they do stay in
5. Question:
How is the sound clarity, bass, and loudness? I've purchased others that are barely audible without turning the volume all the way up.
They are equivalent to AirPods in sound except they have noise cancellation and a heavier bass. Just make sure whenever u get them to change to the earbuds to memory foam because those worked best for me when it came to overall sound.
6. Question:
Do they get loud ?
VERY LOUD, I tried them out a crowded basketball game, couldn’t hear a thing
7. Question:
Can these be worn in the bathtub?
Yes! The Earbuds have waterproof protection.
They can stay in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.
8. Question:
Are they comparable with Xbox and Motorola phones ?
9. Question:
Does this come with a charger for the case?
Yes! The Earbuds charger comes with a USB cable, it can be charged by connecting it to your computer or a power outlet.
More than that, the charger itself acts as a portable power bank charger that can be used to charge other devices that can be charged via USB.
10. Question:
How do I know when the charger is fully charged?
White light on carrier case stays soli
11. Question:
How do you turn them off?
Turn off bluetooth and after about 5 minutes they will power off. or when you place them in the charging case they will power off.
12. Question:
Whats the difference between the rx and tx models? how many ear tips come with it?
Thanks for asking!
There are several differences between the TX and RX Wireless Earbuds.
The RX Wireless Earbuds have the most advanced new QCC Qualcomm Chipset with clear APTX Sound, 7-8 hours of playtime, and a 2200mAh power bank charging case.
While the TX Wireless Earbuds have 4-5 hours of playtime with an ergonomic ear fit, a 3000mAh power bank charging case, and an IPX7 Waterproof Protection.
Both the RX and the TX have five pairs of eartips: S/M/L silicone eartips + M/L memory foam eartips

I hope you found it helpful! 

[ Why 12? I guess it just feels like a good number for today ;) ]



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