Podcast Overview

Hey you all!

I have shared with you yesterday a podcast via Instagram ( @multitedxshir ) and wondered if you had the chance to listen to it.

Well, if not, no worries, I wanted to cover it quickly and give you some idea of how you can benefit from it in real life.

To the ones who missed it, I attached the Youtube video below.

So, in this podcast hosted by Tom Bilyeu, John Assaraf a successful serial entrepreneur with 5 multi-million dollar companies to his name, best seller author and mindset expert, shares his transformation story and the ideas that would help us navigate our lives better.

John started the conversation by sharing with us that, in his early twenties, he has a mentor, a generous, kind man. Once, after John behaved badly, his mentor asked him,

" Are you interested in achieving your goals or are you committed? "

John asked why, and his mentor's answer was so powerful that it changed his life, and from being a troublemaker as a young man, he became a very successful businessman and a whole different personality. 

John explained us why it's important to being consistent with creating new beliefs for yourself, and why it's hard

Moreover, he mentioned that we shouldn't just do things, we should understand how things work, and why.

Then he continued and spoke about how visualizations, affirmations and the law of attraction, he mentioned that we shouldn't just do this. We should understand how these things work and why.

He said that it's so important to talk to yourself about your intentions at any situation because it increases your awareness, and then you can choose to behave in a way that would serve you better.

In his perspective, awareness is the difference between people who react to life and the ones who create their life since your awareness gives you the place to chose.

He also gave good advice about fear, and mentioned that if you run into fear and want to get out of your bad subconscious behavior, he suggests that you'll take six deep breath through your nose and breath them out through your mount like you're breathing with a straw. He says it will deactivate the stress response center in your brain, and then more blood will go to your left prefrontal cortex, the part that can actually think through the situation you're at and help you solve the problem, instead of having fear.

He added that it should also increase the awareness level of your behavior.

Finally, he explained that we behave based on our beliefs and a belief isn't nothing more than a "group of cells that have been connected and reinforced". That we were born like a white page and can change what doesn't serves us.
He is trying to prevent us from living our life based on false beliefs that can only sabotage our goals.

He closed the conversation, speaking about vision boards, what I'm sure you've already heard before and know how important it is.

So, after thinking about it, I believe that the way to benefit from this knowledge in real life would be, first of all, to journal our days, making sure our thought process is in the right place. The sec thing would be what he mentioned in the end, and it's to have vision boards of ourselves, the vision boards will make sure we are taking steps in the right direction, developing the skills that can help us, and moving towards our desired outcome.

-For journaling, I like a clear, simple journal, without any structure or even lines inside, something more like that-


-For the vision boards, you can use any.. I think this one seems pretty good- 

I hope you enjoyed reading and that you found it helpful. :)



Here's a link for the podcast of Tom Bilyeu hosting John Assaraf >