Our Podcasts Reflect Us

The Impact Of Sound - How Podcasts Reflect Us As Individuals

Ever heard the phrase ‘You are what you eat’?

While the nutritional point of the saying has always been obvious, there’s a deeper truth that lies between the words. Human beings don’t consume only food, after all - we’re the greatest consumers and creators of information that have ever existed.

The facts speak for themselves. Over 34 gigabytes of information flew into our brains on a daily basis ten years ago - data scientists haven’t even been able to accurately estimate the figures in 2021. If our hourly smartphone usage and digitized work platforms are anything to go by - we’re not even sure we want to know the number.

All of this sounds quite alarming - especially to those of you who value spending time and energy on personal growth and creativity. As the amount of information fired at us continues to skyrocket, there comes about a genuine need to consume media consciously - in a way that allows us to better ourselves and learn new things. What if we told you that there was such a way?

It closely involves your ears - so listen up!


The Subtle Benefits Of Podcasts

Originating on radio in the 1900s, podcasts have seen something of a surprise renaissance in recent years. While their original appeal as a highly personal, intimate and engaging media format has never quite changed, what has changed quite significantly is the world in which podcasts are created and heard.

Podcasts allow individuals to step further away from the noise and chatter of contemporary life - retreating into a space of comfort and focus where little exists other than the voice of their favourite podcasters and the essence of their content. In a world of rapidly shrinking attention spans, podcasts help us stretch out our focus and gain agency over what we choose to let into our brains.

Podcasts And Identity

It comes as little surprise, then, that every single one of the Forbes Magazine podcast recommendations for 2021 are centred around self-development, financial success,  relationship growth, and engaging with your inner creative soul.

The implicit lesson here is one of choice. By choosing to become a regular listener to a podcast, we subconsciously engage our brains in the regular practice of paying attention to the ideas within each episode.

Believe it or not, established science backs this idea as well. A 2016 study at UC Berkeley establishes a powerful link between spoken-word content and the cerebral cortex of the brain - that part of the brain responsible for several higher order functions such as  attention, perception, awareness, thought, memory, language, and consciousness - all key parts of our identity.

You could almost say that the list of podcasts we subscribe to is, in a certain sense, a blueprint of the kind of person we want to become.

Whether it's following our artistic passions, learning the basics of financial freedom or simply enjoying the wisdom of our personal idols - we all inch a little closer to this blueprint every single day, becoming more of who we truly are.

But you’ll also agree that sound needs a medium for smooth transmission and that’s where Multited comes into the picture. Our wide range of high-performing headphones ensures nothing gets in the way of you and your podcasts, whether you’re jogging, working out at the gym, or driving to work.

So, the next time you feel the itch to pick up a new podcast, choose wisely - you might be making a more significant choice than you realize!