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relative energy

Posted by Shir Lachmish on

Today's topic is energy. I hope you will find it fascinating as I am.

Do you remember a time when you were able to dramatically affect your surrounding only by being?

Do you remember a time when you were able make someone smile from the bottom of his heart?

Do you?

Let me share with you something personal..

My curiosity about Energy started at a young age, around the age of 7.

I remember myself focusing on my hands in front of a mirror and receiving a feedback, I felt like I have an electrical stream in my hands.

I didn't know what is it exactly or for what is it good for.

Now, I believe I know..

As most of us know, intellectually, Energy is what drives the world.
The thing is that from knowing that to tuning into that and feeling our energy during the day here's a big different.

So, what am I speaking about?

Before we continue, let me clarify, I'm not a physicist, scientist or guru. Everything I share and say is based on my own experiences and the knowledge I collected along the way from books and qualified people.

I can't put my finger on the exact book, research, or evidence, I can only put the finger on my actual experiences.

If that makes sense and works for you, let's continue.

So, what's now?

I'm feeling these electrical streams, and I can direct them to any part of my body, and I have no idea what it is for.

I'm pretty sure that that's what made me at a young age to start questioning my environment beliefs, the system, and concepts that have been shared with me.

Looking back, I realized that that's was the point when I start getting very sensitive to the world, I felt like feel people's pain, it was rough. I felt like I have to solve the big problems humanity is facing with. 

I can now say that my energy boundaries were unstable, and it made me too sensitive to the outside world with time.

It wasn't till the age of 14 that I started to look for solutions. I began watching Ted talks consistently. ( It wasn't expected at that time in my environment, especially not at my age. )

Ted talks opened my mind, and I start consuming more life perceptions and interesting ideas that sparked something in me and helped me navigate through life more easily.

Soon, I realized that this sensitive place is also powerful, and I can connect more deeply to people, influence them for good and help them. That's because I could feel them, and it's behind listening.


Anyhow, that was a breakthrough for me..

( Until I found my vulnerable spot - This amazing thing called Love - Love broke my boundaries, and once again, I felt too sensitive and out of my body. ).

When I'm saying relative Energy, I'm speaking about the amounts of energy that's been channeled around your body and within it.

To give you an example of how it feels like..

While you are in your body and have a full presence, you feel like you are watching the world from behind your eyes, and everything seems to move much more slowly. 

Once you're in this incredible place, you're above all negativity and above any emotion that can sabotage your happiness and freedom of choice.

In this place, your energy boundaries are strong, wide and stable, and you can influence people and situations for good ( and unfortunately also for bad ).

Being present requires practice it's something you must work on, being in your body, feeling your intuitions coming from your guts.

I can't say some were born with more Energy and some less, I believe we all were born with the same amount of Energy. We can say that by looking at a newborn baby, his deep connection to the present moment suddenly brings you into the present moment and, as a bonus, puts a smile on your face. 

I can only say that it's an evolutionary process.

From being sober aware and alive, to being less in your body and more in your mind, until you wake up again.

It also has a lot to do with the way you have been raised and educated, also it can be accelerated through powerful experiences in your life.


I'm wondering.. Have you ever watched your grandfather and wondered how he's so calm?

Well, probably he already learned how to work with his energy, and he's fully present in the now, in his body.

( Note: not necessarily all the grandfathers would be like that. lol )

My grandfather was such a strong character in my life. We shared our house with my grandfather and my grandmother, they lived on the first floor and we at the second. My grandfather uplifted me, had some exciting projections to who I'm going to become, and he always protected me when my mom kinda 'lost it'.

When I was seven years old, one night, I felt something is wrong. 

I insisted to go down and see him, although it was kinda late, my mom said he doesn't feel very well but it's ok, normal and not to worry. I drew him a picture, a magical place in nature.

Looking back I feel like I drew heaven for him.

After finishing I went down by myself, my mother was there and my uncle too, I gave him the drawing, hugged him strongly, he smiled said thank you and they told me to go back up.

A doctor came to check him, he seemed ok..

but randomly, that night he passed away in his own bed.

That's was the hardest time in my life. I also feel like that was my waking call. At that time, I decided that I want to change this world and make it a better place. I believed I can.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know each one of you experienced this moment. This moment of awakening.

If you can go back to those moments, close your eyes and remember how you felt, it would increase your presence in a matter of seconds.

You will feel alive and more grounded on earth.

It's of course can also be a happy moment, I have some of those too.

The magic happens there. You meet your body there. Your intuition is there too.


Would you practice being in this place? In your body, fully present filled with powerful Energy?

Cause if not, life would flow by. your Energy the most important source you would ever have would go out of your body.

But it yes, you can master your life, and that's what we're aiming for. 

Some examples of people that have a giant amount present and Energy:
Leaders like Tony Robbins, Beyonce, Barak Obama, Opera, Iconic Singers Athletes and Dancers, Famous Actors and Comedians like Ellen Degeneres, Kavin Hart and so on...


Well, now what?

Practice being present and feeling the energy in your body.

You can do this by practicing meditation, breathworks, what I described above, or you try the Chimpanzee trick yelled and pat your chest. lol. Feel free doing what works for you.


If you're ready to dive deeper into Energy I recommended you to check out Jeffrey Allen course Duality on Mindvalley





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