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The freedom

Posted by Shir Lachmish on

Hey! Shir is here. :) 

I would like to speak with you today on the notion of reinventing yourself and the one person you should truly find for this life journey to be fulfilling and joyful.

Last week I bought a video camera, and as I mentioned here, I was about to shoot my first YouTube video... ( my new channel )

If you know my story, you have heard that I went from $1M in business to $500K in debts at the age of 24.

While experiencing this rough year full of struggles, heartbreak, and a financial situation that brought me back to my parent's apartment.

I chose to lean into that. I wanted to feel it. It was painful. It brought me back triggers from my past and fears I wished I wouldn't have known I had.

BUT, I grew from that.

I FINALLY reconnected to Shir this year, the same Shir I was hiding for an unclear reason for almost a decade while believing I had to become the next Elon Musk.
( LOL Yep.. I had a poster in my bedroom for years, declaring of me as the woman Elon Musk. )


I become unlogical. Some saw it as nonsense. I received so many "suggestions" from close people for what should I do now that hurt me deeply, I felt they lost their belief in me, why? cause suddenly I have feelings and unreasonable desires.

I've heard sentences like: " That's not the time to dream. " and " That's how you're planning to pay all these debts back ? " and so on.. 

Instead of giving up on me, pursuing what 'I know' already, getting a job, and improving my external situation, I decided to go deeply in to reinventing myself, 'go out' and play. Discover me from the start.

Yes, 'to go and play around, it's usually being recommended to us while we are young and not at the age of 25.

Remember those times?

So, from being a biological kinda person who believes it's all in our mind and we can change our reality easily. 

I created a different but a like notion that combines our spirituality.

A notion that connects the dots and says, once you're on your true lane in life, then the good things are coming, once you're happy regardless, then they are coming, once you have only good intentions in your heart and you're just focusing on becoming a better you, then they are coming.

That's why at the begging of my journey, I got this 'fast success.'

Now, it means I can do it in any way I choose, right?.

So, I choose to do it in a way that is more aligned with who I truly am. A way that would excites me more and brings the best out of me.

That's it, now, I only have to trust the process.

This notion says, listen to your guts and intuitions and practice being fully present, live by your life codes, and accept nothing else for you.

There is no fear or pain in this world that would stop you from getting ahead towards your purpose.

I had to let go of all the definitions I put on myself, I had to let go of "What people are thinking of me.", "What should I feel" or "How should I act", "If it makes me better or less.".

So, I'm asking you,

How would it be like, to reconnect to yourself, the one that you might don't even remember now..?

Choose now.

Would your past trauma defeat you? Define you?

Would you let all the associated beliefs and negative emotions that were brought into your life to control you or decide for you?

Or would you tuned in, clear your soul, believe again in the good that's coming your way, see it, understand why people are saying what they are saying, and focus only on getting better yourself?



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