Becoming More.

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More Than Headphones.

At MULTITED we make headphones and earbuds, this is true. That’s not all that we do though.

We are a company built around community. That community is made up of
customers just like yourself on their own daily journey. Serving this community is our focus.

By focusing on what really matters, we naturally provide you all that you expect in a
great pair of headphones: Hi-Quality Sound, Extreme Comfort, Long Battery Life… and MORE


When we say MORE, it means the actions that power our core values.

As we all grow along this journey, our core values to serve others will remain the same.


The Beginning of Multited.

Mess. That’s what happens when the only thing that we are exposed to are goals, or shall I say what are “framed” as goals.

How many of these so-called goals are related to the qualities of the person we ourselves will be proud of? The person we want to become.

Inspired by my journey to become the person I will be most proud of and the MASSIVE shift that I would need to pursue emotionally in my life and mind, I decided to create a brand with a different approach, a brand with a culture.

A culture of being aware of the huge gap between our reality and who we wish to become.

A culture that respects it and lives for the crazy process, with positivity and confidence.


The Impact of Sound.

The MULTITED mission is to spread this culture in a way that will truly be valuable for you along your own journey.

We truly believe that we can gain the best perspective on ourselves, by listening to inspiring podcasts, audiobooks and lectures. Daily.

It's a way of being and thinking, that will drive us to becoming more of the person we want to become.

This is what we like to call "the impact of sound"

It took me 3 years to officially launch MULTITED. 

Looking back on all that I had to go through to get to this moment, it was
exciting! The best part is, we are just getting started!

We can’t wait to walk with you on your own journey.

Shiir Lachmish