Espresso Letter Board



​Letterboards are the newest trend but they’ve actually been around forever. Think back to ballparks, concession stands, and billboards. Letterboards were used to get your attention and focus on what they were promoting.

This letterboard invites you to bring that focus on value and quality into your home. Transmit powerful messages to your family members by choosing motivational quotes, messages of love, holiday greetings, or what’s on the dinner menu. Show them you care about what’s going on in their lives with phrases like, “Good luck on your test,” “We missed you,” shout outs to their favorite teams or quotes that make them say “Hmm”.

This is your opportunity to help your children disconnect from technology and focus on carefully chosen words of importance. A great tool for encouraging beginning readers to experiment with language since they can use it on their own or work together with you to choose the next posting.



In the past people used to memorize poetry and psalms, while today the slogans invented by the advertisement agencies brainwash our minds.

And our kids?

If they have a question, will they come to you first or search the Internet?

An what was the last time you talked to your spouse without being distracted by WatsUp/SMS/Email/Facebook/Tweeter notifications or somebody’s crying and wanting something from you?

The dialog between two of you,
Your secret language,
some things that only people within the family can understand
and maybe laugh about?
and maybe be sad about?
and maybe be silent about?

This is the true fundament of your house. This is what makes you to a real family.



…imagine waking up after another sleepless night with your baby
you love your precious angel so much, but you’re so tired
you coming to the kitchen hoping to eat and drink, just to keep you going before the next breastfeeding session

and there it is…
a yummy breakfast ready for you
and a message on the letterboard

before he left for work, he thought about you
your love…