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TX Wireless Earbuds For Running


Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, TX Wireless Earbuds deliver impressive wireless sound that is powerful, yet well balanced.

These comfortable earbuds have an IPX7 waterproof rating so their suitable for working out and commuting in all types of weather.

TX earbuds offer up to 5 hours of play time per charge, and come complete with a 3000mAh charging case that provides up to a 100 hours of play time. Perfect for storing and charging your earbuds on the go, this case even doubles as power bank to charge your phone and other essential USB powered devices.

HD Sound Quality

Bluetooth 5.0v

Waterproof IPX7

Passive Noise Cancelling

4-5 Hours of Battery W/ One Charge

3000mAh Charging case

Latency: 100ms


Touch Control 

Full Audio Control

Auto Connect 3-sec 

Power Bank / Charging Case of 3000Mah 

15 min charge worth 45 min Playtime

Total Playtime Including Charging Case: ~100H

Siri/Google Assistant support


Driver: 6MM PET

Diaphragm: Zinc Coating 

Mic: 3722 Silicon

Battery: CEL Lion Battery. Earbuds 45mAh, Case 3000

Antenna: FPC


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