Gray Felt Espresso Letter Board 10x10 Inches.

  • $28.41

  • PERFECT [ FOR THE HOLIDAYS ] - Are you overwhelmed trying to come up with gifts for lots of individual family members? This is a message gift the whole family can enjoy. It comes in a beautiful gift box and boasts quality you can be proud to present them with. you also get a changeable letters bag with symbols and numbers. In fact, we back it up with our 1 year money back guarantee. These 10x10 boards with the wooden frame are so popular we suggest you order now before they’re gone.
  •  “THE SIMPLER YOU SAY IT, THE MORE ELOQUENT THE QUOTE IS" , August Wilson - We see so much information flash before our eyes constantly on our phones, tablets, computers, TV, etc. Sometimes we just need to dial it back and focus on a sign with a few simple words of meaning and quality. Choosing your words carefully helps you to transmit lessons of faith and inspiration to everyone in your home, including yourself. Your children will thank you for introducing it into your home.
  • BEAUTIFUL RUSTIC [ CHARM ] - Made from dark espresso wood, the frame boasts quality and value while the felt inside comes in a variety of colors to match your décor. You can either hang the board on a wall using the hook on the back or stand it up proudly with the matching wooden stand. the board has already a high quality mount for quick and easy hanging on the wall, I love it hanging on the kitchen wall also. This is something that is going to get noticed when people walk into your home.
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOOL - What a great way to encourage spelling practice or experimenting with language in young children. Have fun with them as they play around with the letters and symbols and try to create meaning out of the 362 letters and symbols included. Clean up becomes easy as the letters get stored away in the included pouch. Taking cues from you, your older children will soon be using the letterboard to post things like, “Good Luck At Work, Mom”, a great way to teach empathy